What We Do

Steady Readers

The Steady Readers Programme is an intervention programme for children who are not reading at their academic age.

It aims to help children gain literacy skills through the teaching of phonics from Fitzroy materials, supplement with fun interaction with teachers, activities and educational games.

The programme also seeks to increase the level of confidence in children. It aims to give an opportunity to the child to grow and learn to his/her potential. It also seeks to affirm the child that he/she is important and valued which will increase the confidence of the child in his/her learning and development.

Four Key Components

Guided Reading
Interaction Time
Game Time
Worksheet Time
Duration/Frequency: 2 semesters per year (January -May & July-November)
25 lessons per semester, twice per week, 1.5 hours per lesson
Group size: 3 students per group, each group will have 1-2 volunteer teacher(s)
Pre-assessment: Students will have to go through a pre-assessment to determine if they are suitable for the programme.

Steady Readers Programme is open to children from K2 – P4 only.

Cost/Fee: $40 (non-refundable)