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Fajar Youth Hub


419 Fajar Road, #01-449 Singapore 670419


The Youth Hub has two common areas for activities:


  1. Leisure Hub – pool playing, music room, dance studio, video game consoles (Playstation, X-Box and WII/Nintendo), board games and table tennis.
    Focus: play, relaxation and practise/learn new skills
  2. Learning Hub – study/research area (with computer facilities), beauty and self-care room, counselling rooms, conference room
    Focus: learning, study, research 

Facilities are geared towards helping youths to feel at home, to interact with adults who can have a mentoring relationship with them, developing their character and increasing resilience against life’s challenges.


Other than offering the usual facilities for youth drop-in, we have a host of programmes for adult mentors to interact with the youths:

 Badminton Programme: This programme seeks to promote healthy lifestyle and build up the confidence within youths through the acquiring of the badminton skills, and to develop resilience and discipline through the trainings.

  •  Culinary Programme: A programme that aims to educate and equip youths from lower income families with basic cooking skills in order for them to be independent and to create affordable yet nutritious dishes for themselves and their families.
  •  Guitar Programme: This programme aims to equip youths with basic guitar skills to build their character and discipline through perseverance at a new hobby; and to develop their resilience by striving for musical excellence.
  •  Magic Mentoring: The Magic Mentoring Programme seeks to help youths develop skills in the area of street magic as well as developing their identity through intentional mentoring.
  •  EX3 Girls Club (Excite through activities, Express through Mentoring and Experience change) : The EX3 Girls Club seeks to provide a safe platform for girls to share experiences, develop their identities, to build resilience to struggles faced by girls and be mentored through theme workshops and activities.
  •  EX3 Boys Club: The EX3 Boys Club seeks to foster a community for boys, to build their character and to train resilience through common experiences shared with their peers.
  •  EX3 Mid-Year Leadership Camp (Excite.Express.Experience): The camp seeks to develop the potential leadership capabilities of youth leaders; to inspire them to lead with confidence. The camp will train them in aspects of teamwork with their peers, planning and execution of activities, and teaching them how to lead others.
  •  EX3 Year End Camp (Excite. Express. Experience): The EX3 Year-End Camp is a 3D2N camp held annually in November/December. This camp seeks to help youths build a good support system through bonding with peers and staff. Through this camp the Youth Services seeks to help youths develop their strengths and understand their weaknesses through activities and a time of fun.


Facilities, programmes, staff and volunteers are provided to help the youth to develop in various arenas like improving their attitude, increasing aptitude to new skills, expanding athletic abilities, developing the aesthetics and developing the adventurous spirit.

Opening Hours

Monday & Wednesday  2.00pm - 6.30pm
Friday 1.30pm - 6.00pm

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