When her husband passed away, Mdm Aqilah (not her real name) worked as a cleaner to support her two children. She had to move out of her home and rent a room while paying for her daughter’s expensive school fees. The Member of Parliament from her constituency helped her to obtain a rental flat and referred her to New Life Community Services.  

New Life not only provided financial assistance for her daughter’s school fees, but gave academic support to both her children so that they might secure a better future through education. Her daughter is on our volunteer tuition support programme, while her youngest child attends Steady Readers to improve his English. Because of our support, Mdm Aqilah was very motivated to work hard and increase her monthly salary.  

There are many others like Mdm Aqilah out there who need someone to go the extra mile for them. Hence, from 28 May to 6 September 2022, the New Life Charity Cycle was organised to raise funds to help families like Mdm Aqilah’s, and to serve disadvantaged children, youths, families and seniors in the community.

Through the Charity Cycle event, we are grateful for the 427 participants including 110 cyclists, who helped to raise $110, 903. Funds raised will go towards supporting New Life’s expansion into the areas of intergenerational programmes and inclusive student care and childcare for neurodiverse children.

Stay tuned for the next event!


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