Project Love is New Life’s direct financial assistance programme, providing interim assistance for immediate needs as well as fee subsidies for our childcare and student care services. Funds for the programme are donation-driven. Our staff provide casework to help families gain clarity on their financial situation and equip them with financial, so that they are equipped to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.


This fund is open to Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents. Our primary focus is on families living in Woodlands, Bukit Panjang and the nearby regions.  Households situated beyond these areas and foreigners on Long-Term Visit Passes may apply on a case-by-case basis.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Per Capital Income (PCI) * : <$1200
  • House-Type: HDB 5-room & smaller
  • Families with children below 25 years old [or] Families with seniors above 60 years old
  • For Singapore citizens, already approached Social Service Office (SSO)

*PCI = (Gross household income divided by no. of household members living with the applicant) 


Supporting Documents Required

  • Your identity card or birth certificate (of applicant and all household members)
  • Updated bank account passbook(s)/ statement(s) of applicant and all household members, with transactions of the last 2 months shown clearly
  • Latest bill(s) (e.g. mobile, mortgage/rental, utilities, broadband, medical)
  • Latest medical documents (reports, diagnosis, fitness for work status)
  • Pay-slips / Employment contract
  • CPF Statements showing contributions & transactions (latest 15 months)
  • Latest employment / termination letter (for recent changes in employment status, salary changes)
  • Insurance Letter indicating premium amounts and frequency
  • Any other supporting documents

If you wish to apply for Project Love, you may download the Referral Form. Kindly send the completed referral form and enquiries to