Learning Leadership & Responsibility

Playing computer games at home all day long can be very boring. But ever since I came to New Life Youth Hub, I made new friends and we always have fun together. The staff have been extremely willing to support me with several issues I face. Whenever I share to them that I am unsure of what I should do, they willingly provide me with guidance and advice. I am one of the older youths in the hub. Therefore, I’ve learnt to be more mature by assisting the staff by taking care of other members, teaching them how to use game consoles and ensuring that the hub is treated with care. I am thankful to learn about leadership with new responsibilities. These experiences have allowed me to have extra patience with people and helped manage my anger. Thank you to all New Life staff for trusting in me and mentoring me to become a better person.”

Jackie Ang
17 years old
New Life Youth Beneficiary