Children and youths can develop negative mindsets and patterns of behaviour due to life circumstances, which may result in anti-social tendencies later in life. To deal with these issues before they become ingrained, we provide counselling and case management services for children (aged 10 years old and below), preteens and youths (aged 11 to 21 years old) and their families living in Woodlands, Bukit Panjang and the nearby regions.  


We have had experience counselling youths-at-risk through projects such as Enhanced STEP-UP (ESU), providing aftercare case management and counselling support to youths from the Reformative Training Centre (RTC). The department is also currently involved in a partnership with the State Courts for the Early Engagement for Youths under 21 (EE21) programme, providing casework and counselling support for youths facing sentencing.  

If you wish to make a referral to our counselling and case management services, kindly fill up the Referral Form and send it to