New Life Community Services (NLCS) is committed  to a high standard of transparency, integrity, compliance and accountability.


In keeping with this commitment and NLCS’ interest in promoting open communication, this policy aims to provide a means through which employees and volunteers could, in good faith, report any activity that infringes on the organisation’s code of conduct or violates the law. Reports of whistle-blowing concerns are kept confidential to the extent possible to meet the needs of the investigation. NLCS is committed to protect a person who reports in good faith from intimidation, retaliation or adverse employment consequence.


This policy applies to all NLCS’ employees, including part-time, temporary, contract employees and volunteers


The policy covers serious concerns that could have a significant impact on NLCS. These include:

  • Fraudulent activity;
  • Incorrect financial reporting;
  • Unlawful activities; and
  • Misconduct or unethical conduct


If any employee believes reasonably and in good faith that malpractice exists in the workplace, then her or she should report this immediately to their own line manager. However, if for any reason they are reluctant to do so, then they should report their concerns to

Employees and any other persons who have raised concerns internally will be informed of who is handling the matter, how they can make contact with them and if there is any further assistance required. We will give as much feedback as we can without any infringement on the duty of confidence owed by us to someone else.

Employees’ and any other persons’ identities will not be disclosed without prior consent (except where disclosure obligations are required by law and regulations.) Where concerns are unable to be resolved without revealing the identity of the employees and any other persons raising the concern, (eg. if their evidence is required in court), we will enter into a dialogue with the employee and any other persons concerned as to whether and how we can proceed.