We are more than just a before-and-after school centre: we mentor children to become disciplined and confident individuals. Over the years, we have built a name for ourselves with the vibrant, holistic programmes that we provide and the nurturing and caring teacher-mentors in our centres.

Character development of the students is our focus. Through the students’ relationship with their teacher-mentors as well as the character-based programmes we run, they will be moulded into wholesome, confident individuals and contribute to society. Every child that leaves our centre is a life mentored and transformed.

Our Philosophy

  • Connect with others in a meaningful way

  • Adopt a disciplined routine and way of life

  • Rest and recreate adequately

  • Engage in meaningful, creative and healthy activities

  • Discharge duties responsibly

Our Centres


New Life Student Care @ Bukit Panjang has been serving the community in Jelapang since 2011.

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New Life Student Care @ Teck Whye has been serving the community in Teck Whye since 2020.

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New Life Student Care @ Woodlands started operations in 2021.

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Enrichment through Excursion Programme

Lessons of Love (LOL)

Character development programme through stories, games, craft activities and relationship-building

Exposure to The Arts Programme

Visual art, music and dance, theater experience, etc

P.A.N.D.A. Champs

Character-based programme run during June and year-end holidays

Community Projects

In partnership with other social service agencies

Academic Mentoring

Homework supervision and assistance

Sports and Outdoor

Fun and Festive Celebrations

Partnership with Professional Tutors

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