Bringing Hope to a Youth’s Life

My friend who is currently a member of the Youth Hub at Fajar invited me to go with her in the hub. I got curious so I went. The place looks really cool and the staff are very friendly, so I signed up too. And the fee is only $4 a year!

Then I also started hanging out here at Junction 10 and I really like the place because I can chill after school and make new friends. My life before I became a member was out of my control. Everything was very hard for me. I didn’t know how to handle my personal problems in my family and I just wanted to give up. I felt that there’s no more hope and could not fix anything at all. Even worse, I thought that I should just end my life. But when I spent more time with the New Life staff, my hopeless perspective to all my problems changed. They helped me to handle my struggles very well and gave me solutions like referring me where I should seek help. I am thankful I can open up and trust them. I really appreciate the time that the staff spent talking to me, making me realise my worth and reminding me that everything is still going to be alright. After all those talks and encouragements, my life started to change. I became a better person and I learnt how to cope with my problems in a better perspective. I am really grateful for New Life for bringing hope to my life.

13 years old
New Life Youth Beneficiary