Building A Loving Home

It was an extremely tough and uncertain period for us to get through, but New Life really helped us get through that critical season of difficulty.

When my son was Primary 1, I got to know Dancia at church. She cares for my family very much. It was she who introduced us to New Life and KCC, and recommended that I enrol my son Qi Yong into the programme.

My ex-husband had violent tendencies. He has a gambling habit and owes a lot of money, so every day when he gets home he would start to beat us up. For my children’s safety as well as my own, I wanted to move out. Thereafter because I divorced him, we moved out around the second half of the year when Qi Yong was in Primary 2. That year, we moved house ten times. That gave my two children a lot of stress and unhappiness. Dancia found out about our situation and spoke to one of the New Life teachers, who helped us apply for Project Love’s financial assistance. They eventually helped us move into a temporary sheltered home.

Last year, during the COVID-19 period, the first thing the New Life teachers did was to raise fund among themselves for my family. They also helped me apply to Project Love again for my daughter’s polytechnic school fees. Project Love sponsored about eight months of her tuition fees, as well as assistance with living expenses – I’m truly very happy and grateful. I’m grateful to New Life to have so many people helping and caring for us along the way.

Not long after school started last year, Qi Yong became very aggressive. When he gets angry, he thinks he can resolve the problem by throwing things, shouting, swearing or throwing a temper tantrum. Because he has witnessed his father’s violent outbursts from a young age, it has negatively affected him. Qi Yong actually has a good heart, just that when he loses his temper he can’t help himself. He is very enthusiastic and helpful whenever he sees that his teachers need help.

Since coming to KCC his teachers have seen improvement – although he still has trouble regulating his emotions, he no longer has violent outbursts. After attending KCC for half a year he adapted to the environment, and has learned to accept the teachers’ suggestions and reminders. Recently he told me, “Mama, let’s try this. I am trying to be a good boy. Let me see if I can go one week without losing my temper or getting angry.” I was pleasantly surprised by how far he has come.

New Life’s teachers have been paying attention to my son, they are very meticulous. Last year in mid-June, they conducted a family visit via Zoom to tell me about Qi Yong’s progress and how he has been in KCC. They also gave suggestions on how to communicate with him. I feel that this communication between parents and teachers is very helpful.

I want to say a big thank you to all the staff of New Life. The gratitude in my heart cannot be expressed in words. It is a deep gratitude that comes straight from the heart. Because of New Life, we have such a blessed and warm home today.

Mdm Chang Jing
Mother of Qi Yong
Kids Champ Club and Project Love Beneficiaries