Building Confidence & Resilience

Last year, after school, I was bummed out because of my Mathematics exam results. I told the staff that I had failed my exams and they gave me a lot of encouragement by sharing about their own challenges they faced in school. I am thankful that they shared with me and encouraged me as it really motivated me to focus and study better for my examinations.

I’ve learnt a lot from the mentors here. One of those lessons is learning to accept someone for who they really are. It really helped me accept myself for who I really am and make me interact more with people. When I was younger, I was really shy and had very little friends. I had very little confidence and would stammer a lot when I am presenting in front of the class. I also learnt teamwork from some of the monthly special programmes, contributing to society and working with people of different personalities and backgrounds. I enjoy the activities like playing board games and card games such as Munchkin and Fluxx, playing the PS4, and cooking through the culinary programme. The Youth Hub has changed me a lot. I have become a better person and would always volunteer whenever I am free. When I volunteer, it really makes me feel satisfied with myself as I have helped as best as I can. Thank you, New Life, for mentoring me, listening to me, allowing me to share my problems, and letting me experience new things with all of you.

13 years old
New Life Youth Beneficiary