Reader Today, Leader Tomorrow

Our family moved to Singapore from Malaysia in 2016. My daughter, Yuki started Primary one last year. As a foreigner without having English as the first language, she found it difficult to catch up in school. This affected her self-confidence and she felt intimidated when speaking out. She also had low self-esteem. Since she is enrolled with Steady Readers and Kids Champ Club Programmes, I observed that she became more confident in expressing herself. She can now communicate well with her peers without feeling shy or intimidated. I hope to see her grow up to be more resilient in facing challenges. I am very thankful for the patience of New Life mentors for always guiding her. They never give up on her even when she’s not doing well at first. I really appreciate these programmes for helping her improve. Thank you!

Karen Tea Pei Khem
Mother of Yuki Lee (8 years old)
Steady Readers & Kids Champ Club Beneficiary